Class News
First and Second Grade Reading

Unit 4-Nonfiction Readers Learn About the World

In this unit, our readers will use nonfiction texts to grow their knowledge about the world.  We will answer questions, expand our schema on various topics, identify the main purpose of a text, make connections between the text and our world, and use the text features to guide our comprehension of the text.

Third Grade Mathematics

Unit 6-More Operations

In this unit, children compare different approaches to solving the same problem and reflect on which strategies are more efficient and appropriate.  Children continue to take inventory of known multiplication facts, which can then be used to derive remaining unknown facts.  They model multistep number stories with one or more equations and represent the unknown quantities with letters.  Children are also introduced to the order of operations and learn how parentheses function as grouping symbols that affect the order of operations.

Fourth Grade Mathematics

Unit 6-Division; Angles

In this unit, students explore the relationship between multiplication and division by developing a method for dividing whole numbers and solving division number stories.  They are introduced to protractors and explore using them to measure and construct angles.