Class News
First and Second Grade Reading

Reading and Role Play: Fiction, Folktales and Fairy Tales

In this unit, readers are invited into the world of acting and directing, as well as the world of fairies, princesses, and witches. In this unit readers embody the character, see through his or her eyes, and direct themselves in that role.  As students elicit more feeling, expression, and gestures, what they are really doing is putting themselves into the drama of the story.  And what stories are more dramatic than fairy tales? Think of the possibilities: the heightened acts of good and evil, quests and magic, chants and incantations.

First Grade Mathematics

Unit 8-Geometry

In this unit, children learn about attributes of shapes, compose and decompose composite shapes, and divide shapes into halves and fourths.  Children also continue to practice telling and writing time, work with bar graphs, and use their understanding of place value and properties of operations to add and subtract larger numbers.  Children’s learning will focus on four clusters of the Common Core’s content standards, as well as in-depth work on two of the Mathematical Practices.

Third Grade Mathematics

Unit 8-Multiplication and Division

In this unit, children deepen and apply their understanding of multiplication, division, measurement, and attributes of shapes.

Fourth Grade Mathematics

Unit 7-Multiplication of a Fraction by a Whole Number; Measurement

In this unit, students formalize their understanding of multiplying a fraction by a whole number and use this knowledge to solve problems in real-world scenarios.