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Current Topics of Study

Reading: Following Characters Into Meaning

This unit will inspire readers to think deeply about and learn from the characters in the books they read. The first part of this unit invites readers to dive into the world of their characters through predicting, envisioning, and reading with fluency. The second half of this unit asks students to notice character’s personality quirks and habits as well as infer to develop ideas about character traits, motivations, troubles, and actions. The final leg of this unit asks students to learn alongside of characters asking, “How can we apply these lessons to our own lives?”

: Literary Essays

This unit builds groundwork for work third graders will be asked to do on state tests. This unit aims to equip students with tools they need to write simple essays that advance an idea about a piece of literature. It relies on children’s prior experience with opinion writing and pushing them to write about claims. Writing to defend claims about literature requires close reading, attention to literary craft, and the ability to cite and defend relevant textual evidence. 

: Composition and Changing Earth 

Students will recognize that some changes of the Earth’s surface are due to slow processes such as erosion and weathering, and some changes are due to rapid changes, such as landslides, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Students will also recognize that moving water, wind, and ice continually shape the Earth’s surface by eroding rock and soil in some areas and depositing them in other areas. 

Mathematics: Operations

In Everyday Mathematics Unit 3, children use place value to develop and practice strategies for addition and subtraction of 2- and 3- digit numbers. They represent multiplication using arrays, and use these representations to develop strategies for solving multiplication facts.