Class News

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We have been quite busy here in first grade.  We are so proud to see the tremendous growth that the children have made up to this point.  

On Friday, February 10th, we will be celebrating the 100th Day of School (provided there are no snow days!!).  We have many fun and exciting things planned for that day!  100th day projects are due Wednesday, February 8th.  1J will also be visiting the Fair Lawn High School on February 10th in the afternoon.  

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 14th.  Please make sure that if your child is bringing in valentines that they bring in one for each and every student in the class.  A class list will be provided.   Please ONLY cover a shoe box or large (rectangular) empty tissue box with either construction paper, wrapping paper, or just plain paper and write your child’s name on the bottom.  This will become our Valentine’s Day mailbox.   We will be doing the rest of the decorating in school.  Please send this into school by Friday, February 10th the latest.  

We are learning:

  • Predicting skills

  • Skills involving sequence of events

  • About nonfiction text features

  • How-To Writing

  • Consonant digraphs

  • More about consonant clusters

  • Long vowels

  • To identify base words…(endings  s, ed, ing)

  • About compound words

  • About contractions

  • More about alphabetical order

  • More about nouns and adjectives

  • About verbs (past and present tense and the verb “Be”)

  • More about the writing process

  • About dental health- Mrs. Zaccone visiting on February 10th to speak to us about Dental Health

  • About famous African Americans

  • About Abe Lincoln and George Washington

Etc., etc., etc…

In math, we are almost done with Unit 5.  We will be beginning Unit 6 shortly.  Please read the Unit 6 Family Newsletter when it arrives at home.  These correspond with our Everyday Math Program and help to keep you informed on what we are working on in math.   


Mrs. Jubelt