Class News

Reading Workshop:

As fall comes to a close we are finishing up our Unit 2:Tackling Tricky Words.  The students are given many decoding strategies to help them read and understand new words during independent reading time.  We will soon begin Unit 3: Exploring Characters.  We will focus our Character Study on the book The World According to Humphrey by Betty Birney.  The students will meet and fall in love with the smart hamster who leaves a lasting impression on all those he meets.

Writing Workshop:

We had such a great publishing party where students were able to read and compliment each other on their small moment pieces!  I can’t wait to share your students’ stories with you at conference time next month.  They worked so hard and are blossoming as writers.  As we study characters in Reading Workshop, we begin to dive deeper into characters in our writing as well.  We continue honing our narrative skills while writing realistic fiction pieces.  Our characters have wonderful traits just like your children!


We are exploring long vowel spellings in our pink, red, and orange spelling lists. Students complete daily activities to help them use those patterns in their writing. Nightly homework includes a word sort based on the pattern, Writing 10 sentences with one word in each sentence on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  If students complete the sentences on Tuesday Night, they can write a story using half of their words on Wednesday night.  Thursday is time to study for the post test.  A great study idea would be writing each word 3 times.


In Unit 3 we explore Subtraction strategies that help to build our number sense.  We will explore subtraction from addition, fact families, counting up and counting back, doubles to subtract, and going up through 10 and back through 10 on a number line.  We will learn new games like Salute and Subtraction Top-It.  Please remember to use the games and the e toolkit online at the Connect Ed website.  You can find the link on our homepage.

Social Studies: In early winter will begin our mapping unit.

Science: We began our matter unit in late October.  The students LOVE all of the experiments we are conducting.  The hands on approach to these topics really helps students inquire and hypothesize about what goes on in the world around them,

Please consider signing up to be a mystery reader!  Contact me anytime via email or the Bloomz app. Parent/teacher conference sign ups are located on the Bloomz app.  Please contact me if you are unable to make any of the times listed fit into your schedule.   As always, if you have ANY questions, please ask!