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We are off to a great start to the school year!!

In Reading Workshop we are working on our first unit.  This unit is all about what good readers do and establishing our reading workshop routines. 

In Writing Workshop we are working on establishing routines and becoming better writers each day.  We are working on sketching and labeling our pictures and sounding out (stretching) our words the best that we can at this point in first grade. 

In Math we are currently working on Unit 1 which focuses primarily on establishing routines.  In Unit 1 there will be 4 main areas of focus:

  • to practice counting on a number line
  • to practice comparing pairs of numbers
  • to practice daily routines for marking slates and making and recording weather observations
  • to learn how to represent data using tally counts

Please make sure to read the Family Letters that are sent home at the beginning of each new unit.  These letters will give you an overview of the unit as well as explain any terminology that you may not be familiar with.

In Social Studies and Family Life we are getting to know our new friends a little better each day.   

Throughout the month of September we will also be learning about school rules and how to become part of the school community. The “Scholastic News" is a part of our studies. This month we will be studying how to become part of the school community and other current social topics. We will also be learning who Johnny Appleseed is and what he means to the American culture.