Class News
Reading- presently we are reading Historical Fiction in Reading Workshop.  Students are encouraged to pay close attention to the setting of the text and how the setting is affecting the characters and the overall story. The class is thoroughly enjoying our read aloud Number the Stars and enjoy learning about Annemarie and Ellen who are living in Denmark during World War II.

Math- We are finishing up Chapter 7 in Math and have been working on solving a hug amount of multi-step number stories.  

Social Studies-We are learning about the discovery of North America as well as the formation of the 13 colonies.  Ask your child what the phrase no taxation without representation means and what happened at the Boston Tea Party.
Writing- Students are working on our realistic fiction pieces and have created characters that have strong external and internal characteristics.  We can't wait to publish our pieces!

Science- We have started a unit on Energy.  Students are learning about what takes energy versus what creates energy and we are completing various experiments on the subject.