Class News


We are currently reading the novels, "The Year of the Dog" and "The Year of the Rat" by Grace Lin as we prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year at Lyncrest School and as we study biographical writing. Students have been working hard learning all the features and characteristics of nonfiction.

We are wrapping up our biographical essays, where students researched a famous figure through reading and note taking and putting there information into essay form. Essays focus on the person's life or their main achievement. 

We are nearing the end of Unit 4 and will soon be officially halfway through our math program! Students have been very successful with practicing place value, shading in grids, and plotting ordered pairs. As always, students have been working hard and excelling in Math Boxes and Math Games that they play on Flex Days.

Science/Social Studies
We are fully immersed in outer space as we prepare for our upcoming trip to Buehler Challenger and Space Center. We have been studying stars, planets, comets, the moon, and so much more! We have just started our research project, where students work together to create a colony on another planet and transport materials to an inhabitable Earth. 


Students are given a new set of vocabulary words each week where they define, spell, search for synonyms, use in analogies, and use in sentences to become familiar with the list. Students are tested on these words every Friday. This practice strengthens students' word knowledge and ability to use context clues.