Class News
                               Happy Winter!!!                          

Reading- Students are working hard during reading workshop responding to their reading.  We have been working hard on nonfiction reading and learning about text features and all that nonfiction has to offer.  Students just began book clubs and will be meeting with their clubs weekly to discuss their books.  
Math- It's all about fractions this month in 4c.  We are continuing to explore fractions and are decomposing fractions as well as learning about unit fractions.
Science- We have begun our new unit on Earth and Space and started learning about fossils.  The class was fascinated with Pangea and how different our world was 250 million years ago.  
Writing- We are integrating Social Studies and Writing and the students will be comparing and contrasting two different explorers.  Students also just finished a project on text features in non-fiction.  
             Important Dates this month!
February 1st- 2:05 Dismissal.  One book-one school begins.  
February 16th- Chinese New Year Celebration  
February 19th-23rd- Winter Break