Class News March - April

Units of Study


Chapter 6

Compare Heights

Pet Graphs

Comparing and Ordering Lengths

Comparing 2D and 3D Shapes

Subtraction Symbol (-)

Growing (+)  and Disappearing (-)  Train

Number Stories with Symbols (+, -, =)

Math Facts (0-5)

Chapter 7

Domino Addition

Solid Shape Match Up Game

Pan Balanace: Comparing weights


Number Stories

Dice Addition

Math Facts (0-5)

Reading: Reading About Ourselves and Our World: Reading for Information

Students will be able to explore Non-Fiction/ Informational Texts.

NonFiction readers see more than the texts on the page.

Nonfiction Readers can read more than one book about a topic to compare and contrast.

Writing: Procedural Writing: How-To-Books

Students will learn to use their writing to teach people.  

Students will be able to write clear, sequential directions.







Is it longer or shorter?

What is a standard measurement?

How do we measure?

Motion and Force

How will a push or a pull effect an object?

How can a push or pull be applied to an object to change it’s direction?