Class News 3 (March-April)

Units of Study


Chapter 6

Compare Heights

Pet Graphs

Comparing and Ordering Lengths

Comparing 2D and 3D Shapes

Subtraction Symbol (-)

Growing (+)  and Disappearing (-)  Train

Number Stories with Symbols (+, -, =)

Math Facts (0-5)

Chapter 7

Domino Addition

Solid Shape Match Up Game

Pan Balanace: Comparing weights


Number Stories

Dice Addition

Math Facts (0-5)

Reading: Reading About Ourselves and Our World: Reading for Information

Students will be able to explore Non-Fiction/ Informational Texts.

NonFiction readers see more than the texts on the page.

Nonfiction Readers can read more than one book about a topic to compare and contrast.

Writing: Procedural Writing: How-To-Books

Students will learn to use their writing to teach people.  

Students will be able to write clear, sequential directions.

(First, Next, Then, Finally or Last)



Is it longer or shorter?

What is a standard measurement?

How do we measure?

Motion and Force

How will a push or a pull effect an object?

How can a push or pull be applied to an object to change it’s direction?