Class News 2 (Dec-Feb)

Units of Study


Chapter 3

Monster Squeeze

Sequencing Numbers 0-20

Creating Number Books

Spin a Number

Roll and Record

Chapter 4

Getting to know Shapes by Feel

Favorite Color Graph

Meet the Calculator

Counting by 10s

Top It Game

Number Grid Explorations

Chapter 5

100th Day Celebration Activities

Roll and Record using Dot Dice

Shapes All Around

Teen numbers 11-20

Double Ten Frames

Addition Symbol (+)

Equal Symbol (=)

Number Scroll

Shape Combinations to create new shapes.

Reading: Readers Study Patterns in Big Books and Little Books to Help Us Read and Talk about Books.

Students will become familiar with the patterns in the book and carrying the pattern across pages.  Students will recognize the pattern..  Students will also learn they need to observe the pattern carefully because of the “TWIST” endings.

Writing: How Can We Write Books Like Those That We Read?

Students will be using combinations of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose a pattern book using the sight words they have learn.  

“ I like to ____”

I can ___”

“Look at my ___”

“Can you see the _____?”

Social Studies:  Self and Others’ Families

Students will learn about families and what the characteristics of a family.

What makes up a family?

Students will learn about different customs and diversity within our town.

We will be learning about winter, and winter holidays.  

What winter holidays do we celebrate?

We family traditions do we have?

Students will learn why learning is important, how people learn, and what it means to be a good citizen.