Writing Workshop

"It's misleading to think of writers as special creatures, word sorcerers who possess some sort of magical knowledge hidden from everyone else. Writers are ordinary people who like to write. They feel the urge to write, and they scratch that itch every chance they get." 
Ralph Fletcher

The students in 3C are becoming better writers by living like writers!  They learned that authors keep notebooks in which they record impressions, memories and ideas. Using A Writer's Notebook, by Ralph Fletcher, as a guide, the students have designed their own personal writer's notebooks and are being introduced to the wonders of writing down their thoughts and dreams. The book suggests to kids the kinds of things to record and how to fashion them into pieces of writing. In addition, we are discussing the various kinds of things to keep in a writer's notebook--seed ideas, mind pictures, lists, memories, samples of other writers' work--and why. 

 I encourage my students to take their writer's notebooks with them wherever they go and live their lives as though they are looking through a magnifying glass, observing the tiniest details that surround them. In order to become better writers, we have to live like writers!

 Happy writing!

Mrs. "Loves-to-Write" Chahine