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What We're Up To In 2-V: 

Reader’s Workshop:

~Introduction to Reader’s Workshop

~Finding a Just Right Book

~Setting and Reaching Reading Goals

~Reading with Stamina

~Practicing Comprehension Skills, Visualizing, and Making Inferences

~Talking and Sharing with Partners about our Reading Ideas

Writer’s Workshop:

~Introduction to Writer’s Workshop Process

~Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing and Publishing

~Small Moment Personal Narratives

~Organizing our Ideas and Writing Long

~Adding Thought, Action, Dialogue

~Setting and Reaching Writing Goals

~Talking with Partners about our Writing Ideas


~Establishing Daily Routines

~Practicing Number Sense using Place Value, Number Lines, Even and Odds, Grids, and Patterns

~Solving and Creating Addition and Subtraction Number Stories

~Addition and Subtraction Strategies with Written Explanations

Social Studies:

~Following Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities

~Being a Good Citizen in our Communities


~Practicing Short and Long Vowel Sounds

~Incorporating all Spelling Patterns into our everyday writing