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What We're Up To In 2-V: 

Reader's Workshop:

~ Poetry Unit
~Rhythm, Alliterations, Line Breaks, Formats, Voice
~Variety of Poetry Styles

~Talking and Sharing with Partners about our Reading Ideas

Writer's Workshop:

~Brainstorming, Drafting, Revising, Editing & Publishing our Informational Writing Pieces
~Talking with Partners about our Writing Ideas 

~Geometry: 3D & 2D Shape Attributes
~Arrays, Equal Groups, Number Stories
~Practicing Number Sense using Place Value, Number Lines, Grids, and Patterns
~Telling Time 
~Units of Measurement: ft. in. cm.  
~Addition and Subtraction Strategies w
ith Explanations
~Representing Numbers Differently: base-10 blocks

~Cause and Effects of Erosion & Weathering 
~Different Bodies of Water on Earth 
~Different Land-forms on Earth 


~ Leveled Spelling Lists
~Spelling Patterns: Doubling consonants, Pre-fixes & Suffixes, Vowels, Blends, "Bossy R", Silent Letters, Homophones, Compound words
~Incorporating all spelling patterns into our everyday writing