Topics of Study


We are discussing realistic fiction and have been reading our new class novel, "Red Kayak" to guide us in our discussion. Students have also begun Literature Circles, where they come prepared to discuss their group's book every Friday. Students are required to complete the assigned reading and their job for the week before meeting with groups. Novels for Literature Circles include: "Tuck Everlasting", "Rules", "Esperanza Rising", and "My Side of the Mountain".

Students will be working on writing realistic fictional narratives that coincides with our realistic fiction reading unit. Students will gain inspiration from our class novel for their writing.

We are currently in Unit 8 of the Everyday Math Program. Students are making conversions to calculate area and volume, converting to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers and decimals, and graph data on a coordinate grid.

Science/Social Studies
We are working hard to complete our Social Studies project on the Westward Expansion. Students have been researching a sub topic of the Westward Expansion, like the Gold Rush or Lewis and Clark and create a book of their compiled research. We are also working with our new science program, Knowing Science, to learn more about atoms, matter, and solids.