Topics of Study

We are currently working with the novel, Holes by Louis Sachar, to strengthen our reading muscles. As we read, we discuss character development, vocabulary, plot, theme, and, of course, we continually practice using reading strategies through mini lessons and stop and jots.

We are currently in our Personal Narrative Unit, where students have been working through the writing process to develop their writing and share an experience or moment in their lives. Students focus on adding emotion to their writing, hooking their reader in, grade appropriate transitions and adjectives, and descriptive details. 

We are currently working in Unit 1 of the Everyday Math Program. This unit we discuss area, volume of rectangular prisms, and measuring in cubic units.

Social Studies/Science
We are currently in our Geography Unit of Social Studies. In this unit we discuss various topics such as, latitude & longitude, parts of a map, the 4 hemispheres, and globe lines.