Topics of Study

We are currently reading "Red Kayak" by Priscilla Cummings. This realistic fiction piece allows us to act as detectives to solve the crime within the book. We have been adding clues and observations to our case folders as well as noting character development and traits. Students also meet twice a week with their reading groups to discuss character development, vocabulary, plot, theme and much more in a shared text. We are also using the website newsela, to incorporate current events and more nonfiction reading. Students are loving the digital aspect of it and the topics!

We are continuing with our next big research project: The Space Colony. Students are tasked with colonizing a planet within our solar system after Earth is left inhabitable due to pollution and lack of resources. Students will be working independently and within a group for this multi faceted project. Within their groups they will have a specific job and will need to create a slideshow presentation, brochure, and compose an essay to share their research. 

We working within Unit 7: Multiplication of Mixed Numbers; Geometry; and Graphs of the Everyday Math Program. In this unit, mathematicians multiply mixed numbers using area models and partial products, learn the hierarchy of polygons including, triangles and quadrilaterals, use tables to graph data and more.

Social Studies/Science
Students are also working in our Science Unit: Matter and Energy in Living Organisms and Ecosystems. This unit allows us to explore the connections within food chains, food webs,and ecosystems. We also have some new friends in our classroom; Wiggly Worms! Students have been caring for our worm bin by bringing in food scraps and keeping the soil moist. This unit will also allow us to observe decomposition and the characteristics of worms.