Topics of Study

We are currently reading "The Year of the Dog" by Grace Lin. This novel is a hybrid of a biography and literary nonfiction and the perfect way to wrap up our nonfiction unit. This text shares information on Chinese New Year and the Chinese culture. Students are tasked with taking notes (specifically for nonfiction note taking) to collect information on Chinese New Year to create a pamphlet on the topic at the end of the novel. This coincides with our school celebration of the holiday and Ms. Young's instruction.Students also meet twice a week with their reading groups to discuss character development, vocabulary, plot, theme and much more in a shared text.

We are currently working on our first research project of the year: Westward Expansion. This project allows students to create their own book on a topic of their choice dealing with Westward Expansion of the U.S.. Students compose their research into paragraph summaries that double as pages for their book. Students are also required to paraphrase and cite their resources with a bibliography.

We are wrapping up Unit 4 of the Everyday Math program. This unit explores place value, adding and subtracting decimals, and decimal algorithms. Students will take the Mid-Year Assessment this month to demonstrate their knowledge of Units 1-4. Afterwards, we will move into Unit 5: Operations of Fractions. In this unit, mathematicians find like denominators, add and subtract mixed numbers, multiply and divide fractions.

Social Studies/Science
We are working in our Westward Expansion unit. This unit allows students to read various nonfiction texts on a Westward Expansion topic where they will then create their own book. Students will need to research their chosen topic vigorously in order to fill their book with content such as, manifest destiny, timelines, and 
involvement with Native Americans.