Topics of Study

We are currently working with the novel, Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli, to strengthen our reading muscles. As we read, we discuss character development, vocabulary, plot, theme, and, of course, we continually practice using reading strategies through mini lessons and stop and jots.

We are finishing our Narrative Unit with one final essay; writing a Thanksgiving story from the perspective of the turkey! Afterwards, we will be moving into our Literary Analysis Unit, where students will discuss how Stanley Yelnats from Holes and Jeffrey Magee from Manaic Magee have both changed as a character throughout their stories. Students will also read several short stories and determine a common theme to analyze in a composed essay. 

We are currently working in Unit 3 of the Everyday Math Program. In this unit we continue to discuss division, fractions, mixed numbers, interpreting remainders  and adding fractions with unlike denominators. 

Social Studies/Science
We are currently in our  Economics Unit of Social Studies. In this unit we discuss important topics such as, Needs v.s. Wants, the exchange of money, setting budgets and defining economics. In addition to working in this unit, we have started our first Science rotation dealing with Physical Science. Students have been exploring the states of matter, atoms, and mass.