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Units of Study

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Reading: Building a Reading Life

In our first unit of study, students will become familiar with the routines of the reading workshop, and learn how to build stamina and independence to grow ideas.


Writing: Launching the Writing Workshop

Students will be introduced to the writing workshop routines and use writers' notebooks as tools for collecting seed stories. They will learn how the writing process helps them become better writers and how writers follow the steps of the writing process.

Social Studies: World Geography

Unit One introduces students to world geography and world communities. Throughout the first semester, we will identify and compare important features of communities throughout the world.



Mathematics: Math Tools, Time, and Multiplication

In this unit, an active and collaborative learning environment is established. Children recall how to use a variety of math tools to solve problems, tell time to the nearest minute, and use mathematical models to calculate elapsed time. This unit also lays the foundation for developing multiplication and division strategies.