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Throughout the year, I will be exposing your child to a number of reading strategies.  I do not expect your child to be a "reader" by the end of kindergarten, but I do expect them to be able to understand many of the steps to reading and what makes a good reader.  I always encourage my students to read, even if they cannot, but I equally encourage my parents to read to your children.  While you are reading, there are a number of skills that you could be discussing with them.  Here are some ideas you could follow:


Use Schema:  When you read the story, did it remind you of anything you know about?  
Can you predict what is going to happen?
What clues helped you make that prediction?
What questions do you have about the story before you read it? 
Does the cover make you think of any questions?
What questions do you have after reading it?
What was the problem in the story?  If there was a problem, was there a solution?
What kinds of pictures (mental images) did you get in your brain as you were reading/hearing the story?
Do you have a connection to that part?
Would you tell a friend to read the story?