Class News

Welcome Back to Lyncrest School!  We are going to do some amazing things in 2nd grade this year!

Reading Workshop:

As we start off the year this fall, our students will become acclimated to the routines of the Reading Workshop.  In our mini-lessons we discuss the kind of reader we would like to become this year.  We are hard at work setting goals for ourselves and conferencing about reading strategies that can help us achieve those goals. Some students will need to work on fluency, some on engagement, comprehension or even decoding.  I will conference with students individually and with partners or even in small groups to help meet their individual needs.  Students are expected to build up their stamina while reading “just right” books for them during independent reading time.  They read for about 20-30 minutes in school and should also be reading for 20 minutes each night.  They will log their reading in their reading log in school and at home.  Together we look at the log for patterns in their reading that will help me  tailor their teaching to them.  Students will be given their Raz Kids login instructions and passwords so that they can read leveled books on the computer at home in the coming weeks.

Writing Workshop:

Much like in Reading Workshop, we have begun our year with routines in the Writing Workshop.  During our mini lessons we focus on how writers can write long and strong on their own, how they can solve their own problems by brainstorming and planning their pieces.  They can talk to their partners about how to make their stories even better.  We have written narrative pieces for quite some time and now we are picking a piece we have chosen to publish.  While we have chose which “small moment” we would like to share with our readers, we know that “once a writer thinks they are done, they have only just begun.”  We are working on revising our small moment narratives by adding a good hook to catch our readers, adding sensory imagery, dialogue, feelings, and examining our word choice.  We will practice our conventions when we edit with partners.  We are working so diligently so that we can share our work at our publishing party!


We have been working on our preview lists for the Instructional Spelling Program.  Each student has the same preview list pretest on Mondays. We look for patterns that can help us in our daily writing activities.  We complete activities in school and at home to help us remember how to spell the weekly words.  Our tests are on Fridays.  Students will also be given “RED” words that are individualized for them. These are sight words that cannot be sounded out phonetically.  They will be asked to study a few every week in addition to their patterned lists. We will soon be assessing students on the lists for the year.  They will be assigned a color and the weekly list follow the same pattern but are differentiated based on needs. If you have any questions about the colored lists, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to explain them to you.


In Math Unit 1 we began with our daily math routines like the calendar, temperature, counting the number of days in school and showing that day in our place value chart as well as depicting the day in coins.  We also examined number lines, number grids and scrolls, equivalent names for numbers, combinations of ten, even and odd number patterns, as well as using symbols to compare numbers.  The games are always an exciting part of the Everyday Math program and so far we have learned: Fishing for Ten, The Number Grid Difference Game, Number Line Squeeze, Penny Plate. The Exchange Game, Coin Grab, and Two Fisted Penny Addition.  Each of these games are available online at Connect Ed.  The link is on our homepage.  Students have been taught how to log in and use the website.  They have been given their passcodes and this is a great way to reinforce concepts taught in math Class.


Social Studies:

This year in Social Studies we will have three big themes including Rights, Rules and Responsibilities, Mapping The World Around US, and Communities.  We started the year with Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities.  We discussed what a good citizen is and why it is important to follows laws.  We talk about leaders of local and federal government positions, and we explored a presidential run by examining three candidates in our trade books Duck for President, Grace for President, and My Teacher for President.  The students even got to fill out a voter registration card and use their right to vote for one of the three candidates we read about. Finally we examine symbols of the United States as we take a virtual Road Trip across our nation looking for symbols and landmarks of freedom.  


This year we will be studying Matter & Measurement, Ecosystems, and Earth’s Land and Water.  We will be using a new Science text from Knowing Science and our 1st unit on Matter begins in late October.  We will use hands on experiments to try to answer such questions as How are materials classified?  How are properties of materials related to their uses? How can materials be changed into a new object? How can heating, cooling, and mixing a substance change the state of matter? I can't wait to meet you all on Back to School Night on 9/27!