Class News

Welcome Back to Lyncrest School!  We are going to do some amazing things in 2nd grade this year!

Reading Workshop:

As the new year began, we switched our reading minds to focus on nonfiction.  We are learning about asking questions while reading, thinking about the main idea and key details of the text are, as well as how text features help us understand what we are reading.  We even discussed strategies to help us figure out context clues for unknown words. We will wrap up nonfiction by March and move onto studying Fairy Tales!

Writing Workshop:

As we studied characters in our Reading workshop, we made up characters in our writing workshop.  Our realistic fiction pieces had developed characters and those characters had some pretty interesting problems they needed to solve!  We loved sharing them with each other and our first grade friends. We began writing book reviews to practice sharing our opinions and backing those opinions up with evidence from our experiences.  Ask your child to rate their experiences based on stars the next time you see a movie or go out to dinner.


We are exploring silent letters, homophones, and hard and soft sound spellings in our pink, red, and orange spelling lists.  Students complete daily activities to help them use those patterns in their writing. Nightly homework includes a word sort based on the pattern, Writing 10 sentences with one word in each sentence on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  If students complete the sentences on Tuesday Night, they can write a story using half of their words on Wednesday night. Thursday is time to study for the post test. A great study idea would be writing each word 3 times.


In Unit 5 we learned about time and numbers in base ten blocks.  In unit five we studied money and practice giving change from items we purchased.  We get even more practice every Friday when we get to go to the Bank of Goehrig and the Goehrig Galleria!  Students hand in their tally sheets for the week and earn their paychecks. They are then encouraged to shop in the store as a reward for a job well done!  In unit 6 children collect and display data about pockets on two different types of graphs. They are introduced to comparison number stories and two-step number stories. Later in the unit, they share and record their own invented strategies for addition and learn a formal addition strategy. Children's learning will focus on three clusters of the Common Core's content standards, as well as in-depth work on two of the Mathematical Practices Please remember to continue to use the games and the e toolkit online at the Connect Ed website.  You can find the link on our homepage.

Social Studies:

We had a wonderful time studying our place in the world and we placed ourselves on many maps in our lives.  We will continue our 3rd and final Social Studies Unit on Communities in the Spring.


In late winter we began our study of Ecosystems.  The students are taking part in inquiry lessons to determine what happens if a living things basic needs are not met.  We are studying adaptations of plants and animals as well. The students LOVE all of the experiments we are conducting. The hands on approach to these topics really helps students inquire and hypothesize about what goes on in the world around them.

Please consider signing up to be a mystery reader!  Contact me anytime via email or the Bloomz app. Parent/teacher conference sign ups are located on the Bloomz app.  Please contact me if you are unable to make any of the times listed fit into your schedule. As always, if you have ANY questions, please ask!