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Illustration Of A Snowman.png January News

Happy New Year and welcome back!  

Here are some of the things that we will be learning this month:

-To read and spell new Red Words (high-frequency words)
-To improve our story comprehension skills -To continue making text-to-self and text-to-text connections 
-To build our visualization skills -To write realistic fiction stories -To write interesting sentences with details 
-To have a better understanding of what the setting of a story is and to discuss the other story elements -To compare and contrast characters in a story and really understand a character’s feelings -ABC Order -To introduce the study of nouns and verbs 
-The –ed and –ing endings -To count syllables in words 
-To identify open and closed syllables 
-More about place value -About compound words -About Martin Luther King Jr.


** Please do not skip any pages (including the backs of the pages) in the Homework Book.   All assignments can go on the same page with a line skipped in between.  

Parents, your child is expected to read and spell the words in this book. Please keep in mind that you will see some words from previous lists pop up again and again.  This means that your child has not yet mastered that word in some way.   Please continue to review previous lists each week as well to help maintain mastery.   

In social studies we will be continuing our study of families and places in our community.   We will look at what makes up a community and we will study maps and improve our map skills.  At the end of the month we will begin our next unit in science which will take a look at winter survival behaviors and Earth’s patterns.


In math, we will be beginning our study of Unit 5 very soon.  We will be focusing our study on place value and comparing numbers.  Please remember to read the newsletter that corresponds with our Everyday Math Program at the beginning of each unit.  You received a laminated number grid in the beginning of the year to keep at home to aid with math homework.  We have been learning how to use a number grid to find 10 more and 10 less in class.  Please keep this number grid at home in a handy spot for homework!  If you need a new one, please let us know; however, the new one will just be a plain number grid.  

Please continue to review addition and subtraction facts at home with your child as well.  Fluency of math facts is very important.  In the upcoming weeks, you will see a 2-minute math fact sheet come home weekly to help your child practice his/her facts.

Best wishes to all for peace, good health and happiness in the new year!!

Happy New Year 2018!

Mrs. Draney