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Dear Students,
This seminar you will be blogging about the book that you are reading.  Your blog will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings about your book.  From your blog, I will be able to learn a lot about you as a reader.  Your blogs should reflect an in depth understanding of the novel you are reading. 
For each blog, you will be responsible for writing three paragraphs about your thoughts.  You may choose topics from the list below to guide your thinking.  It is expected that you write using correct grammar and paragraph form.  Paragraphs must consist of a topic sentence, 4-5 supporting details and a conclusion sentence.  Please proofread your work carefully, and take pride in your work!  You will be getting graded on each of your blogs based on the rubric provided.  Remember, this is a REACH seminar, and you are expected to do your best work.
Possible topics for each paragraph for your blog (You need to choose 1 topic for each paragraph you write.)
*something that surprised you or that you found interesting
*what you like or dislike about the book and why
*an interesting or important character
*parts fo the book that puzzled you or made you ask questions
*what the story means to you
*your thoughts and feelings about the author's message
*what  you noticed about the characters, such as what made them act as they did or how they changed
*why you think the author chose the title
*your predictions and whether they were right
*how the information in the book fits with what you already know
*how the book reminds you of yourself, or people you know or of something that happened in your life
*how the book is like other books by the same author, on the same topic, or in the same genre
*how the book reminds you of other books, especially the characters, events, or setting
*the ending and your feelings about it
*the language the author used and what you thought about it
*the author's craft- what was good about the author's writing
*why you think the author wrote the book
*whether or not you would recommend the book to another reader and why
*what you would changed about the book
*examples of stereotypes or biases
*the genre and its characteristics
*how the setting affects the characters
*how the author captured your interest or pulled you into the book
*how the author builds suspense
*what you want to remember about this book
*new insights or understandings you have
*what did you learn about this period of time
These are just possible topics for your paragraphs.  You may choose to write about any topic that interests you as long as you have evidence from the novel to support your thinking.  You will also have the opportunity to respond to your classmate's blogs throughout our seminar.  I look forward to this journey together! Happy blogging!

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