Cindy Quackenbush

I became involved in the Fair Lawn School District, like every mom, when her first child steps foot into kindergarten.

I could not do enough to enrich my children’s education.  I became friends with many people and those people have influenced my life enormously.

I served on every School PTO/PTA my children attended.  Westmoreland, Memorial and the High School.  I became interested in an organization in the district called FLARE (Fair Lawn Association for Responsible Education) in Westmoreland, simply because no one would fill the position, so I said sure sign me up.  That was the beginning of a learning experience unlike any other.

FLARE was responsible for getting out the budget vote.  When I first joined the organization, we poll watched for the budget election to assure that we would pass our school budgets.  We were the organization that educated the taxpayer on why passing the school budget each year was critical to our children’s future.

I soon became involved on a different level of FLARE.  I joined PTA Council as 2nd Vice President to run FLARE for the entire district.  That was a monumental task and I worked endless hours preparing for the budget election vote every April.

I sat in on Board of Education meetings for many years and saw how my input to board members really could make a difference.  I grew to respect our Administration and our Board of Education for the love they had for the children of Fair Lawn.

I soon found myself wanting to be on the other side of that table to see what else I could do for the education of our children.  It was a passion.

I have served on the board for 11 years.  I serve on each negotiating team for each bargaining unit.  I am Chair of the Student Dialogue Committee, and the Special Education Committee.

My volunteer service to the District of Fair Lawn has taken many different turns, all for the benefit of our children in Fair Lawn.  I will continue to put the children of Fair Lawn first for as long as I am elected to do so.

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