Welcome to REACH!  If you are wondering what REACH means, it is an acronym for:
   Reach and
   Academic and
REACH offers critical and creative thinking enrichment opportunities to students in grades 4-5 as a pullout program.  We also offer guidance and support to the teachers of grade K-3. In addition to the pullout opportunities, we teach STEM lessons in Grades 3 - 4.  STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   These lessons applies these curriculum areas to problem solving, which is an important skill for the 21st century. 
We also offer a number of self-select programs for the upper grades.  In 5th grade we offer Independent Study and WordMasters.  In 4th grade we also offer Independent Study in the spring.  
There are three REACH teachers at the elementary schools:     
      Danielle Stewart   (

  Geri Lasala  (

    Nadia Yar   (