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           Welcome to Fair Lawn's English Language Learner Program 

Ms. Liliana Lopez  
Mr. John Corso
The goal of classes for English Language Learners (ELLs) is to help students develop  language acquisition and cognitive academic language skills in order to meet state requirements in the content areas. Students with this designation have scored below the minimum cutoff established by the state of New Jersey on a state approved English language proficiency assessment instrument. Annual standardized tests approved by the State of New Jersey monitor student progress, and help to determine how they advance through the program.
Please contact the ESL Teacher in your child's school, if you have questions or concerns that you would like to address.
 School Teacher  Email Phone
Mrs. Weathers 201-794-5565 ext.3225
Lyncrest Mrs. Castro  
201-794-5555 ext.3621
Mrs. Palmieri
Ms. Vaccaro
201-794-5550 ext.4121
Mrs. Landrigan 
Mrs. Della Sala 
201-794-5480 ext.8300
201-794-5480-ext. 8201
Warren Point
Mr.Corso 201-794-5571 ext.5119

Miss Galatro
201-794-5490 ext.5741
TJ Middle School
Mrs. Finneran
Mrs. Della Sala
201-703-2240 ext.6222
FL High School
Mrs. Stern 201-794-5450 ext.1301