School Messenger replaced Swift Reach (Sept 2013)

Fair Lawn is now utilizing SCHOOL MESSENGER for its broadcast messaging service. This includes delayed opening and school closing calls, as well as general information broadcasts to staff, students and parents regarding school events.
You have probably already received a few messages from Mr. Watson or your building principal. When phone messages are broadcast, you will also receive an email from with a link to the audio message (in case you missed it in the original call). This is a legitimate email (not spam).
In the new few weeks, you will receive information about CONTACT MANAGER, which is the online portal component to School Messenger. ALL STAFF will have the ability to manage their own contacts. You will be given the option to update your phone numbers and select which phone will receive the various types of School Messenger Broadcasts. Staff who work in various buildings will receive a letter from each building, but the “authentication code” will be the same. Directions will be provided to create an account which will enable you to manage your phone and email contacts.