Gradebook for Elementary teachers


     Log into Genesis, using your network username and password.

 ALL ELEMENTARY TEACHERS (gr K-5, including Special Area, Resource, etc) now have a gradebook which can be used for grading.    You can take Attendance, view IEPs, and post Assessments from within the gradebook, so it is “one stop shopping” if you opt to use the gradebook. 

NOTE:  The default start page is Class Attendance.  If you want to use the gradebook, email to have your start page changed to the gradebook.


STEP ONE:  SELECT A CLASS (classes based on report card subjects)

·            Click a course from the course list on the right side of your Gradebook-Home screen

Ø  IGNORE the schedule (they are just dummy periods)

·            OR you can click the GRADES ICON from a course on the left


TO TAKE ATTENDANCE (students pulled for LA RESOURCE will NOT appear on your roster; usually on BOTH rosters for Math):

·            Select TAKE ATTENDANCE Quick Link (upper right)

·            All students are marked “Present” by default

·            Click drop down arrow to change status (absent, tardy, left early)

·            At bottom of list, click SAVE


TO ADD AN ASSIGNMENT IN THE GRADEBOOK (red asterisk fields are required)

·            CAN BE USED TO HOLD GRADES, does not have to have numerical grades for averaging

·            Select ADD ASSIGNMENT from Quick Links (upper right)

·            Enter Assignment Name

·            Column Header will copy Assignment Name (you can edit for length if necessary)

·            Select Category (test, quiz, homework, etc) from drop down list

·            Enter Possible Points

·            Assigned/Due dates default to today; enter dates for your clarification

·            Select a Grade Type; the default is Numeric (common options include Alpha, Check, NotGraded-Text). 

o    Gr4/5 teachers must use specific categories in LANGUAGE ARTS

§   Use WordStudy, Writing, WordStudy ONLY

·            Click SAVE

·            The gradebook will now display with the new Assignment as a column heading.  Click anywhere IN the column to enter grades.  Click the name of the Assignment to edit the parameters (change the name, reset the points, etc).

      • To AUTO FILL same grade for all students, fill in the first grade, then click ALL at the top of the column.  You can then overwrite a specific grades for students.


·            Under the blue Gradebook tab, select the Profiles tab

·            Click the “P” icon (on right) to open Profile of the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PROFILE

·            Click the CATEGORIES tab,

·            Click the ADD tab and then type in the Name of the new category (enter data in red asterisk fields)

·            For each category listed, click the MODIFY icon (middle icon on far right) to change value

·            Enter category weight (USE 0% if using Total Points system)

        At bottom, click SAVE


·            Under the blue Gradebook tab, select the Profile tab

·            Click the “P” icon (on right) to open Profile

·            On the PREFERENCES TAB:  Select CATEGORY WEIGHTS “(2nd option); Total Points is default

·            On the CATEGORIES TAB:  modify the % of each category to reflect your grading scheme

§   Click the EDIT icon to open each category

§   Enter the value in the Percentage of MP Grade section (use same value for all MPs)

·            At bottom click SAVE


MARKING PERIOD GRADE POSTING - You will POST GRADES to the report card from the ELEM GRADING tab (not the Gradebook - Post Grades tab)

·         Once you have finalized the grades in your gradebook, click the Elem Grading tab

·         Then click Post Grades tab (the way you have always posted grades)

Once you click the "book" icon to Post Grades for the student, click the box at the top of the list that says:  UPDATE ALL SUBJECT GRADES (Grades 4/5 only)

·         This will post the gradebook grades as the Overall subject grades for Math, Science and Social Studies.  You have the ability to overwrite (change) the grade if you desire.  As you open each student, click UPDATE ALL SUBJECT GRADES.

GRADEBOOK REPORTS – helpful tools:

Gradebook à Reports (select parameters as indicated, click SCHEDULE REPORT to run)

  • 71950 (Student Category Averages);  Select Course = Language Arts.  For gr 4/5 teachers to generate LA grades for report card posting
  • 70250 – birthday list; student birthdays listed (specify by month or full year)
  • 70160 – displays the grades for a specific assignment for all students; can select to run WITH or WITHOUT student name (displays Stu ID).  Useful to POST grades (while maintain confidentiality)
  • 70773 – prints an empty spreadsheet with your students




ALWAYS REMEMBER TO LOG OFF when done.(orange arrow pointing at the door)