IEPs in Genesis - Elementary Teachers

 ALL student IEPs are to be viewed in Genesis.  A log file will automatically be generated (viewable by the CST admin team) for each student, in lieu of your signature on each student file.  This log file will detail the date, time and username of all IEPs viewed, just as the signature file was used in the past.  You are restricted to viewing ONLY students in your classes.


Elementary School Teachers (HR and Special Area)

·        Log into Genesis

·        Click the STUDENT DATA tab

·     EITHER enter the student’s last name OR Select a Homeroom

·     Click SEARCH

o   Students that match the criteria will be listed

·        Click the Student ID# of the student (blue text on the left) you want to view

·        IEP icon (open folder) will be displayed for students with an IEP

·        Click the IEP icon to open and view the student IEP* 

o   The IEP will open as a .pdf file

o   Scroll through the document to review the IEP

§ You may make notes on the Learning Plan for Classified Students page (copies available in the CST office)

§ The log file will record your activity on each IEP viewed.

o   REMEMBER to maintain the utmost confidentiality, you are not to print nor save IEPs. 

o   A student list should NOT be projected onto your smartboard, as student icons of all types (IEP, medical, etc) are confidential

·        After viewing the IEP, simply close the file (“X” in the upper corner)

·        To advance to the next student, click the double arrows >> in the upper right corner, or select a specific student from the drop down list (upper right corner).

You may reopen an IEP at anytime during the school year to review the files